Elite Teen Program

The ELITE teen program at Holiday Home Camp is a leadership program which creates the opportunity for teens to develop as young leaders and learn positive skills before entering their college years. ELITE stands for “Excellent Leaders In Training Everyday.”  The intention of the program is for ELITE teens to learn necessary skills which will qualify them to become a leaders in their communities, families and schools, as well as qualify them to one day become a counselor at Holiday Home Camp. We help teens discover their strengths and enhance their leadership skills through training and activities which improve skills in leadership, teamwork, communication and working with children. The ELITE Program is a year round commitment which meets for two separate weeks each summer and various weekends throughout the school year.

During the summer, ELITES have a session of summer camp solely dedicated to them.  During this week, the teens spend their time training on how to be a junior counselor at Holiday Home Camp.  We teach them all about our camp program, how to facilitate camp activities, lead games and songs, how to help with any camper issues, and basically how to lead the campers through a successful week at summer camp.

After each teen has successfully completed the training week, they are invited back to a second session of camp to put their training into use and show off their new leadership skills!  Each teen is assigned to a cabin and remains with them throughout the week.  The teens help the campers have a safe, fun and successful week at camp.  ELITE Teens have the opportunity to create bonds with the campers and make lasting impressions on them.  Being a member of the ELITE program and having the ability to work with children in this setting is a huge privilege and amazing leadership and resume building activity for the teens.

During the off season, the teens meet at camp or in Chicago various weekends throughout the school year.  Each event has a different theme.  We usually try to incorporate some type of leadership activity with something fun at each meeting.  Our current themes are: team building, job preparation and career talks, volunteering and giving back, manners and etiquette, conflict resolution, interviewing and college visits. Our goal is to provide the teens with positive educational and recreational experiences.  Through our year round programming, we try to bring out the limitless potential in our teens by fostering their desire for receiving a good education, teaching the importance of giving back and being self-less and lastly, instilling our values of respect, responsibility and relationships in everything they do.

Each teen starts the ELITE program the summer before their freshman year of High School.  The only fees for the ELITE Program are the current summer camp fees, which is usually no more than $50.  There are scholarships that can help offset this cost.  The year round program is entirely free of cost to all teens.  The only fees that families are responsible for are transportation fees to and from the monthly events.  The ELITE Program is a four year, year round commitment for all teens. Teens are required to attend ELITE Training Week, a volunteer session and all monthly events every year until they graduate high school.  All information regarding event dates and details is sent via email to current ELITES.   If a teen misses two monthly events, they will be removed from the program, no exceptions.  Each meeting we learn new skills and build upon what we have already learned and the teens participation is the key to growth and success within the program!


ELITE Teens are allowed to use their hours volunteered at HHC for community service requirements for school.  It is the responsibility of the teen to connect with the camp director regarding verification of these hours.  ELITE teens in our program are also eligible to apply for our very own higher education scholarship fund! The Wakely/Klapproth fund is made possible with contributions from Alumni and donors that want to help our ELITE Teens realize their aspirations for continuing education. For guidelines and the 2020 application packet, click here to DOWNLOAD THE PDF.  Applications typically open in the Spring and are due on August 1st of each year.  No late or incomplete scholarship applications will be considered.

Upcoming  Elite Event Dates