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Meet Our Leadership Team

 Brad Cripe -Executive Director


  • Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    Lived and worked in 3 states and 4 different countries!
  • Degree or experience:
    Bachelors in Recreation Management-Emphasis on Children and Adult programs
    21 years in the industry
  • Favorite past experience working with young people:
    Over the course of 20+ years I have found that each year is its own experience with laughter, smiles, and learning opportunities. When you see the sparkle in a camper’s eye because they discovered something new about themselves or nature–I feel accomplished knowing that I helped provide the opportunity that allowed such a discovery.
  • What you like about working for LGFAA:
    The Campers!! The staff!! The culture that we have created of being an inclusive, understanding program that is able to help all of our participants no matter where they are in life. I appreciate the autonomy to be able to do what is RIGHT for our campers and staff. This models the attitude that we want our campers to adhere to throughout the entire agency.
  • Future Plans:
    My plans for the future include growing the LGFAA! Id like to be able to serve more amazing kids, while having programs and a facility that our campers can be proud of. Keep watching… there are big things to come.
  • Random facts:
    I love Rock Climbing, Hiking, Camping, and having adventures! Hobbies also include building cars and Starwars. When I was a counselor my Camp name was “TOAD” and I still have Toad decorations all over my office!


George Pascoulis – Camp Director / Associate Executive LGFAA


  • Hometown: London, England
  • Degree or experience: Bachelors in Sport & Exercise Science with a focus on sports psychology. Completed a dissertation exploring the impacts of physical activity on the behavior of primary school children. Lucky enough to have spent my summers at HHC since 2015 and ecstatic to be here for significantly longer!
  • Favorite past experience working with young people: Certainly my favorite experience with campers is the moment they step off the bus and see you have returned for another summer. The joy that meets their face following the moment they realize you remember their name (despite the new funky hairstyle they may come with) is amazing. You can see that they know we care for them as much as they care for camp.
  • What you like about working for LGFAA: This is going to be hard to keep short! Firstly, the no-brainer is the kids – that’s why we’re all here! Continuing to provide an opportunity for young people to discover the depths of their abilities is a burning passion. Secondly, I absolutely love working with people who are as ambitious and motivated by our mission as myself. I’m surrounded by people who inspire me every day and as a team we genuinely believe that we have no boundaries. We have so much room to grow and we certainly have the team to do so!
  • Future Plans: To do everything in my power to help LGFAA continue to build on what we succeed in, additionally, be able to create more opportunities that will facilitate growth within the association. Grow, grow, grow! It’s a very exciting time to be a part of LGFAA and in order for us to keep striving here, I must do the same as an individual
  • Random fact:I am actually what they call a time-lapse twin thanks to In Vitro Fertilization, which means my twin brother is years older! I’m also an avid sports fan and will talk for days if you ask me anything about it, more specifically soccer and my beloved team – Arsenal.


Linda Garant – HHC Registrar


  • Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
    Lived in Monmouth Il, Mississippi, Lake Geneva and Delavan
  • Degree or experience:
    Have over 50 years of experience in the customer service industry! I have done purchasing, accounting, payroll, etc. I am happily to have been with LGFAA for 4 year and really like being able get kids to camp.
  • Favorite past experience working with young people:
    Working with all of the parents and being able to see the kids smiles is a great experience. Being that previous jobs involved more numbers and less kids – I am excited to be able to get out of my office and interact with the kids during their camp activities.
  • What you like about working for LGFAA:
    I love getting kids to camp. I also really enjoy being able to go and visit the kids in their schools and in the community. I like that we always have dogs in the office and it’s a fun place to work.
  • Future Plans:
    Keep setting attendance records and getting even more kids to camp!
  • Random facts:
    I am the oldest team member here at LGFAA and I am the only one that has been skydiving. I was the very last zip line rider on the old OWLS course. I was the Killer Bee mascot for the Lake Geneva Rugby team and dressed as Frosty The Snow Man for the Lake Geneva Xmas Parade.


Adriana Miranda – HHC Community Outreach / Registrar


  • Hometown: Woodstock, Illinois
  • Degree or experience: I graduated from Western Illinois University with a Bachelors in Social Work and minored in Spanish. I was blessed with a life-changing experience in my junior year of undergrad and started as a camp counselor. It was hard for me to stay away from HHC after an AMAZING summer and I returned the following two summers as the Waterfront Director. After graduation, I continued to work with the ELITE Teen Program and I’m now a part of HHC full time! As I said, IT’S HARD TO STAY AWAY!!
  • Favorite past experience working with young people: I loved being the head “Mermaid” (Waterfront Director) as we call our lifeguards at HHC. Being able to assist campers to conquer fears of the lake, teaching them how to swim, to joining them on their first ever boat ride. Seeing those gigantic smiles and hearing their laughs really brought tears to my eyes and are memories engraved in my heart.
  • What you like about working for LGFAA: I really enjoy working with children. I am a huge fan of our mission. I love that I am surrounded by hardworking individuals who want to make a difference. Some of the most AMAZING souls I have ever met!
  • Future Plans: I want to continue to assist with everything I can to change the life of our campers and ELITES. I want to help as many children as possible. I plan on networking and continuing to grow in my new role. In my personal life, I plan on furthering my education and traveling the world.
  • Random facts: On my free time, I love to go out on hikes and love to go swimming as well as laying out and tanning as much as possible. I love competitive sports and play in a soccer league for self-care. I love being able to spend time with my loved ones and I’m a huge fan of anything TIE-DYE!


Cierrae Caver – Programs Coordinator


  • Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
  • Degree or experience: I graduated from Western Illinois University with a degree in Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration with a focus in Youth Development, and I minored in nonprofit administration. I came back to HHC after my first year to not only complete my internship but because I COULD NOT STAY AWAY.
  • Favorite past experience working with young people: I have come to learn that it only takes one person to change the life of one of our campers, therefore, I don’t have one particular favorite experience because seeing the smiles on our campers faces when they return to camp outshines any other experience out there. As soon as they get off of the bus and basically full on tackle you, you know right then and there that last summer you have made an impact on their life
  • What you like about working for LGFAA: The Lake Geneva Fresh Air Association has presented me with many opportunities to grow within the camping and facilitating industry! We have the best kids any camp could have, our staff are one of a kind, and I love the fact that I can call camp home. There is no reason to not love working for LGFAA! What job do you know where you can wear tie-dye EVERYTHING and weird costumes on a DAILY BASIS?
  • Future Plans: My future plans are to continue to develop in my role as the Program Coordinator and to assist George in making HHC the best camp in creation. I want to bring theme days back to life and create an inviting camp culture for our future Day Camp! In my personal life, I’m looking forward to one day receiving my graduate degree in Urban Youth Development so that I can reach and help more disadvantaged youth.
  • Random fact: My son (dog), Stanley is my world other than camp of course. Stanley and I enjoy anything from enjoying a stroll around camp, traveling, and of course just chilling on the couch. I’m in the process of teaching him how to play rugby, but we shall see how that goes. In addition to loving all things adventure, I am very passionate about fine art photography and I hope to grow as an artist!


Nnaji Iwunze – Assistant Director – Staff & Behavior


  • Hometown: Southside of Chicago, IL
  • Degree or experience: Im proud to have over 10 years’ experience working with adolescents and young adults. I served as Tutor, Course Assistant, Peer Mentor for the Baldwin Wallace Scholars Program for 4 years designed to support disadvantaged High School boys in Cleveland, OH. I was an intern and facilitator for Moneythink Inc., where we aimed to teach young adults financial literacy. Nevertheless, I was also fortunate enough to be apart of the HHC Community for over  11 years! I grew up as a Camper, volunteered as an EliteTeen, and was a Counselor for multiple years. 
  • Favorite past experience working with young people: Its impossible for me to place a particular experience over the rest, I yearn for the smiles and learning experiences of our campers. Here at HHC, each day offer a new opportunity for them to grow, learn, and try something new. There is no better feeling knowing you had a long-last positive effect on the Campers, as they’re screaming your name and ready to tackle you as soon as they leave the bus the next year they return. THERE IS NO BETTER FEELING! 
  • What you like about working for LGFAA:  This is a tough one – Its got to be the variety of people you will meet within a oneofakind Camp Culture. Through these liked-minded people I have gained countless of intangible skills and lessons that I will carry on for a life-time. There are somethings money cannot buy. 
  • Future Plans: My future plans are to continue in my role as Staff & Behavior / Assistant Camp Director. I will do everything in my reach to contribute to this GREAT CAUSE. In the near future, I will be pursuing a career in Law Enforcement. 
  • Random fact: Avid Sports Fan, Dragon Ball Z fan, Game of Thrones Fan,  Avid chess player  and a big fan of reading about Global Current-Events. Ask me anything going on around the World – I might just know it!  


Mark Feldman – O.W.L.S. Director – Associate Director LGFAA


  • Hometown: Buffalo Grove, Illinois
  • Degree or experience: I have a Bachelors in Outdoor Recreation Leadership and Management from George Williams College of Aurora University. I have had 7 years in the industry. I am also a certified Challenge Course Manager as well as a Red Cross Life Guard.   
  • Favorite past experience working with young people: I absolutely LOVE seeing people do something for their first time. Whether it is learning to throw a ball, getting to ride a boat, catch a fish, or fly down the zipline. The look on their face and the feeling of joy that they have is infectious and facilitates the same reaction in myself.
  • What you like about working for LGFAA: Creating connections with people from all walks of life is incredible. Interacting with staff, participants, donors, volunteers, and community members keep things exciting and fun. When I go home at the end of the day and ask myself “Did you have fun today?” 99 out of 100 days the answer is “YES.”
  • Future Plans: I am hard at work improving my leadership and management skills so I can set my self up to become a well rounded executive director in the future.
  • Random fact: I am a rabid fisherman! In the past I spent 4 years working at Bass Pro Shops as the de facto Master-Guru of Marine Electronics. If you need anything fishing or boating related I am the man to go to!


Gary “Big Dog” Cwidak -Keeper of the Flame & Guest Appearance Facilitator

  • Hometown: South Bend, Indiana
  • Degree or experience:
    Undergraduate Degree Indiana University – BA in Psychology
    Graduate Degree: University of Wisconsin Whitewater – MS in Counselor Education
  • Favorite past experience working with young people:
    Working with ten 8th grade boys who had every difficult label the school could put on them. We co-created an amazing, heartfelt experience that left the school counselor and me in tears of joy by the end.
  • What you like about working for OWLS:
    Professional staff, high quality programming, and diverse clientele.
  • Future Plans (post-OWLS):
    What? Big Dog leave OWLS? Shame on you! ½ way there semi-retired
  • Random fact:
    The nickname “Big Dog” not only reflects my nature, but after a day of bicycling, I really smell like a big dog.

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OWLS Staff ACCT Certifications

Mark Feldman Level II Challenge Course Manager (CCM)
Big Dog Level II; Challenge Course Manager (CCM)
Deb Fritz Level II; Challenge Course Manager (CCM)