Upcoming Donor Events

Special events are one of the many ways we fund-raise, engage with volunteers, and stay active in connecting with our community.  We look forward to seeing you at the next event!

Save the Date 2020 Gala

To better ensure the health and safety of our guests,

the 2020 Gala fundraiser has gone VIRTUAL!

New content, exclusive videos, and live auction begins JULY 8th


No tickets needed,

simply sign up to be included!


➡ Click here to get started! ⬅

Create an account, Browse packages, and get ready to BID!


There are over 20 amazing one of a kind

packages to bid on beginning July 8th including:

-Virtual celebrity experiences

-Custom Jewelry and fashion

-Golf and Restaurant certificates

-Domestic and Intl travel packages

(all travel packages are valid for 3 years)



Thank you for being part of our generous family of supporters.

For questions please feel free to contact us at the Holiday Home Camp office at 262-245-5161!