After each summer, we send out a staff survey so that we can consistently improve and adapt to the needs of our team. After HHC 2023, here’s what some of our staff said when we asked…


‘Do you think the summer schedule worked well?’

“Yes it was PERFECT!!” repeated several times!

“I think we had a great mix of 2 and 3 day “weekends” between sessions which was a good amount of time to do something fun and also rest.”

“Super well for me.”

“Yes, I was able to hop back into work and school.”

‘What will you take away from your summer at Holiday Home Camp?’

“How to cope under pressure and how to deal with mistakes”

“I have never been part of a staff where everyone genuinely felt included and supported. I believe this really helped make the summer go as smoothly as it did. Holiday Home truly is the best camp in creation.”

“Amazing memories of the 1 to 1 moments with the kids where you know you’ve really made a difference to their lives/outlook in some way.”

“Learn to trust, lean on, and ask for help from those around you. HHC is a family there to support you through anything and everything!”

“It’s okay to be yourself!”


So, now you’ve heard what it’s like to work at HHC from some of our incredible staff members, it’s your turn to see for yourself!


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