When we asked our staff… ‘What will you take away from your summer at Holiday Home Camp?’

Here’s what they said…


“I can honestly say that summer 2019 has been the best of my life. Thanks to the incredible staff and the incredible kids. I can’t thank you all enough for how much you’ve helped me change. A family I didn’t know I needed. Thank you.”

“I have never been part of a staff where everyone genuinely felt included and supported. I believe this really helped make the summer go as smoothly as it did. Holiday Home truly is the best camp in creation.”

“Amazing memories of the 1 to 1 moments with the kids where you know you’ve really made a difference to their lives/outlook in some way.”

“I had the most amazing summer at camp this year!! Thank you to everyone who has made it so great. I have learned so much from this experience, I have become more confident and humbled by working with these kids. One thing that I will take away from camp is that I have made the greatest relationships with the best people and hope to be back in the future!”

“Never be afraid to let loose or ask for help, you’re never too good for anything.”

So, now you’ve heard what it’s like to work at HHC from some of our incredible staff members, it’s your turn to see for yourself!


We’re looking for individuals who are passionate about changing the lives of todays youth.  If this sounds like you, APPLY NOW!

Here’s a couple of ways that you can:

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  3. Choose “staff application” as your reservation
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  5. Or, you can download the application below and send it to us via email to george@holidayhomecamp.org

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