OWLS programs are individually developed through consultation with group contacts, custom designed to fulfill your group’s goals, interests and the capabilities of all group members. We are focused on being inclusive of all participants and apply our learning to the lives of participants after their OWLS experience has ended.


School Students

Elementary               Middle          High School            Sports teams   Clubs         Organizations

OWLS experiences will complement and enhance what you are working on with your students. Whatever you are looking for an Outdoor Education program to enrich your classroom or Adventure Education to improve leadership, goal setting, and community.


College Students  

Classes        Clubs             Organizations

OWLS college student programs provide opportunities for skill development experience that progresses them past the fundamentals of traditional learning. It will also help prepare the students for their career and future endeavors.



Corporate       Non for profit        Clubs       Organizations

OWLS adult experiences highlight existing relationships between individuals and provides a framework for expanding and improving the way in which staff work and relate to one another individually, across departments and between organizational layers.


What our friends say…

“I was greatly impressed with the manner in which the OWLS staff worked to create a custom program to fit our group’s needs.”
-St. Charles High School

“Students who I never thought would assume leadership roles, did. Students also seem to come back with a new found awareness and respect for staff members.”
-Park Junior High School