The mission of Holiday Home Camp is to provide quality
educational and recreational opportunities for disadvantaged children, youth
and families, from economically stressed communities and provide quality
educational opportunities for those commissioned to serve them.

Holiday Home Camp was founded during the Fresh Air Movement of the late 1800’s. The objective was to provide an opportunity for fresh air and relaxation for the less fortunate, working poor of urban communities. Today, we continue to serve children from urban and low income communities. We provide quality recreational and educational programs for our campers, to allow our campers the opportunity to learn how to be children.

…Our Staff

Our staff comes from all over the world with various backgrounds.

As Summer Staff Expect to:

  • Have the experience of a lifetime!Holiday Home Camp Staff
  • Make long lasting friendships
  • Learn a lot about yourself and others
  • Feel Needed
  • Be challenged
  • Laugh at yourself
  • Accomplish things you didn’t think that you could
  • Feel good about the work that you do